Apart Cascadas
San Martín de los Andes
Patagonia Argentina

<=== Esqu i / Snowboard ====>

Ski Center of International
12 Lift media and 31 tracks for all levels, The tracks are in an environment
of lakes and native forests

For beginners and experts

<=== Canopy / Arborismo
Scroll down through the trees and forests within beautiful subject with harness - Unbelievable!

Kayak - Boats ====>
On the shore of Lake Lacar you can rent boats, kayak and enjoy a lot, Ideal for Families

<=== Parapente
Sport lot of adrenaline, with unforgettable sights and sensations

Rapel / Alpinismo ====>
Ideal for those who love adventure sports in the forests and mountains

<==== Rafting
Gomón downs in rapids in rivers with level II / III for the whole family and level IV: For the more adventurous

Fishing ====>
Fishing in lakes and rivers, unique natural environments

<==== Mountain Bike
Scroll down the mountain and enjoy the sites inaccessible

Trecking ====>
Long and pleasant hike on mountain trails and shores of rivers and lakes

<==== Diving
Inside the walls can be found Lacar Islands, rocky bottoms and a large diversity of flora and fauna of fresh water to enjoy

HorseBack ====>
Traveled on horseback, mountains, lakes, beaches and rivers, can be unforgettable moments to enjoy with your family

<==== Motorcicle Snow
Thrilling ride with snow on mountain trails in the hills Chapelco

Sledges ====>
For little ones, with dogs Siberian
<==== City Tour
in the Red Bus tours are stylish London and around the city

ViewPoints ====>
Several vantage points around the city to do the same, rivers and lakes as being the circuit Arrayan (photo)

<==== Rides ====>

Ruta 7 lagos
Hua - Hum
Villa Trafull
<== Lago Lacar
Lago lolog
Lago Huechulafquen
Volcan Lanin ==>
Quila Quina
Lago Meliquina

<==== Boat Ride
On the Lagos Huechulafquen, or Epulafquen Lake Lacar, unique and unforgettable, ideal for the whole family.

Ski School / Garden of snow ====>
Since the age of 3,
and really learn to ski!